3 Telltale Signs You're Ready for a Vacation Home

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"Getting away from it all" has countless benefits. Rest, relaxation, creating memories, exploring new - or at least different - territories, these are all wonderful reasons to go on vacation. So, how do you know when you're ready to take the next step in your vacation planning? Look for these three telltale signs that show you're ready for a vacation home.

Sign #1: The destination holds a top spot on your GPS or web browser history

It might be time to consider buying a vacation home when you've become a repeat visitor to one location so often you're considered a local. How do you know when you're considered a local? You no longer have to ask for directions or consult a map. You have a preferred part of town or "local hangout" that you enjoy. Tourists as YOU for nearby recommendations.

Sign #2: Your friends and family make plans to visit you there

When you create memories, or share lively stories centered around a single location that isn't your year-round residence, people will take notice. And, more than likely you speak so highly of the vacation spot, people near and dear to you want to join in the fun.

If you find yourself recruiting your inner circle to your favorite vacation spot, it might be time to consider a permanent solution vs booking a block of rooms or wrangling a spot on a vacation rental calendar. Plus, if they are visiting you at your home, your guests could be more willing to bring vacation provisions.

This is also true if you're constantly planning vacations for the entire family, and then have to scramble to secure lodging that will accommodate the entire crew.

Sign #3: The pros outweigh the cons

Acquiring a vacation home can be an involved process, yet there are many benefits to owning your own vacation residence. Of course there is the joy of ownership and the convenience of not having to search for lodging, but you're also putting your money towards your new asset - rather than to someone else's vacation rental. Likewise, you could rent your home out when you're not using it and recoup some of the cost of ownership.

The possibility of the vacation home becoming the primary residence could be a consideration. If living the vacation life could turn into a year-round possibility, then the purchase of a vacation home is like pre-paying for the next chapter in your life.

These are just a few of the signs that you might be ready to purchase a vacation home! When you're ready to explore your options, I'm just a phone call away. Here's to the happy life! 


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